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Sunday, July 9, 2017

My Novel Faceless Now Available

Faceless, the novel-sized sequel to my novella Blood Spring, is now available in e-book format.  A print edition is planned for a later release.  The write-up:

Over a year has passed since the events in Blackwater Forest. Events that exposed the darkness hiding in Cainswell and Edom County as a whole. Sheriff Nate Lewis hoped the tragedy was behind him. Chalk it up to a bunch of crazy killers living in the woods and move on.

But things happen for a reason, and soon Nate finds himself dealing once again with the Faceless God. Only this time, it's not a statue or lunatic worshipers. It might be the read deal itself, hiding in the body of a college kid. A body it may be slowly taking over. But Nate has no proof. Only his gut instincts. 

How long can he wait to pull the trigger? And what can he fight a demon with if bullets won't kill it?




1 comment:

Jerry Enni said...

Blood Spring was a fast fun read. Looking forward to reading this. Is it available as a physical book anywhere?