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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Father & Daughter

My noir novella Father & Daughter is now available in e-book format.  It's about drugs, crime, murder, all that good stuff.  Oh, and a daughter's relationship with her father.  It's damn dark but I think it's good.  It was originally published under the title Stamped with Blood and under the pseudonym Lou McBride.  Now, it's under my name with a better title I think.  Anyway...

From the book:

From the novella:

"It started like any other night. I was high and drinking PBR. Dad was high and plotting hate and discontent.

We sat in his garage. I sandblasted engine parts while keeping an eye on the Monday night game out of the corner of my eye. Chargers-Raiders. I was a Raiders fan. Because Dad was a Raiders fan.

Dad fumed. Dad popped reds and gnawed on chicken wings. Dad spouted about Petey Clemons owing him twenty large.

This was my life. Drugs, whores, and Dad. This was me being a supporting daughter. At least complicit. Even enabling.

Sooner or later that had to change. And sooner was coming faster and faster and I had choices to make. Him or me."




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