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Friday, June 30, 2017

Blood Spring back in Print

My first novella, and first published paperback, is back in print in e-book.  Future paperbacks to follow.

Here's the details:

A husband and wife lost in the woods...
A feral family that worships an ancient god...
Who will make it out alive?

BLOOD SPRING: A Novella by Erik Williams

Book Description:

Henry just wants his garage back. Well, he wants his wife back, too. He lost both six months ago when Claire helped an injured deer on the side of the road. In went the deer and out went the BMW. Their marriage went on hold to save what some would consider a damn good meal.

But the day has come to return everything back to normal. The deer is healthy and Henry and Claire spend a quiet spring morning releasing it in the woods. Serenity soon turns to terror as they realize they are lost in the labyrinth of the forest with no food and hardly any water.

Food and water are the least of their worries. In these woods a long forgotten god is worshiped. Its followers believe in sacrifice, and Henry and Claire have stumbled into their dark world. 

"Some books are like grenades with the pin pulled. ... That's how I feel when I crack covers on an Erik Williams book. Handle this one with care... and watch out for flying shrapnel." - Norman Partridge

“Erik Williams. Underline that name, put it on the fridge. Erik Williams is the genuine article.” - Gene O'Neill




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