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Monday, April 17, 2017

Random Post: Something You May Not Known About Me

In a meager attempt to get back into blogging, I give you a random post.

First off, I have a ton of excuses not to blog.  Let's see, in the last year I've changed jobs, changed coasts, moved a family of four (not including me), added another child to that family, saw sales for fiction fall into a pit of despair (at least mine), and got ditched by HarperCollins.  Oh, and I hate Google's ever fucking growing need to make you jump through more and more hoops just to log in to your own damn website.

While I'm at it, Fuck You! Yahoo!  Only a business as shitty as yours can make e-mail access more and more terrible.

And what's up with every website having more and more pop-ups that don't pop-up until you're, say, half way through an article.  Double middle fingers to you ass bags.

Anyway, I promised a random fact you may not know about me.  Ready?  Here it goes.

I have a degree in psychology.

I don't use it professionally.

I use it to fuck with people.

Like really get in their head and needle away.

All for my entertainment, and often those around who get to witness it.

If you've never seen me in action, I recommend attending a convention I'm also at (none in the hopper for the future, as of now).

So, that's that for now.

Go buy some of my books.  And feed a homeless guy or something.

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